Oticon is a number one employer!

Smørum, Denmark
22 June 2017

For the second year in a row, the Danish Magazine “Ingeniøren” (The Engineer) awards Oticon as the number one Danish employer for Engineers within the category “Electronics & Telecommunications”.

It is the +10.000 engineers from The Engineer’s web panel as well as members of IDA (the Danish union for engineers) who have evaluated the 100 biggest engineering companies in Denmark to find the most attractive from the employees’ perspective.

The engineers have assessed Oticon on a variety of different parameters such as career opportunities, company culture, professional development, innovation, work-life-balance, and high quality products.

VP HR from Oticon, Mads Kamp, thinks that part of the success derives from the nature of the products Oticon manufacture:

"Using your engineering skills to create devices that allow people to live natural lives with friends and family gives a true sense of meaning that surpasses that of e.g. developing kitchen appliances, chocolate bars or other fast moving consumer goods."

At the Danish headquarter in Smoerum Oticon employs more than 550 engineers with backgrounds from primarily mechanical-, electrical-, and SW development.