Bike to work event in May

Smørum, Denmark
22 June 2017

During May, 150 Oticon employees have participated in the bike to work event to help spare the environment and get in shape before the beach season. In order to keep the motivation high, we made weekly competitions where everyone could participate – no matter their shape or the amount of kilometers biked.

One week we wanted to see the best team photo and the next we wanted a video of the best motivational peptalk plus a lot of other fun things.  That produced some nice pictures and videos, see below.

The result
By the end of May, we had managed to bike 1709 days together adding up to a staggering 42.992 kilometers, which is more than the distance around the earth. Each of our bikers had an average of 11,39 biking days and traversed 286,62 kilometers.