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  • online-learning-hearing-fitness

    HearingFitness ™

    This e-learning programme introduces HearingFitness. You will learn what HearingFitness is all about, and how it benefits the hearing aid user. You will also learn how HearingFitness handles data security and you will get a glimpse into what the future of HearingFitness may bring.

  • imagesspot_remotecare

    RemoteCare - eHealth by Oticon

    This e-learning will take you through the entire RemoteCare flow from set-up in the clinic to performing a remote adjustment to the clients hearing aid.

  • imagesspot_custom_iic

    The Oticon Opn™ family – New custom members

    The Oticon Opn™ family continues to expand. Learn all about the new comprehensive range of custom styles that include Oticon's smallest hearing aid ever – the new IIC.

Oticon e-learning catalogue

Oticon offers a wide range of e-learning modules all designed to provide you with knowledge about Oticon solutions and audiology. Browse through the catalogue below to find the learning you need

  • imagesspot_velox_catalogue_thumb1

    Velox Platform

    Learn about the groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn hearing aids.


  • imagesspot_connectivity


    Oticon hearing aids connects to a wide range of devices, apps and services. Learn about the many connectivity possibilities that Oticon can offer.

  • imagesspot_custom_opensound

    Custom Hearing Aids

    Oticon hearing aids are available in a comprehensive range of custom styles. Learn about the audiology and technology in Oticon’s state of the art custom-made hearing aids.

  • imagesspot_genie_catalogue_thumb1


    Learn about Oticon’s fitting and counselling tool, Genie. It is designed to help you provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user.”

  • imagesspot_tinnitus_catalogue_thumb1

    Tinnitus Treatment

    Learn about tinnitus and Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSupport™ treatment

  • imagesspot_inium_catalogue_thumb1

    Inium Sense Platform

    Learn about the features and technology behind the Inium Sense based instruments

  • imagesspot_basic_audiology_catalogue_thumb1

    Basic Audiology

    Oticon have developed five e-learning modules that introduces the basics of sound, hearing and hearing loss. The modules are designed for learners who have little to no knowledge of audiology and hearing loss or just want to brush up on the basics.


Continued Education Credits

If you need to acquire Continued Education Credits, we provide a convenient way to do so online. Oticon offers a selection of courses on Audiology Online. Register for great learning provided by some of the leading specialists in the industry and earn your credits in comfort.

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