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Our ‘people first’ philosophy drives our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional hearing solutions for children with hearing loss of all ages – as well as time-saving tools for professionals.


Teens can open up their world with Oticon Opn™

Teenagers are constantly in challenging situations, complex sound environments and fast-moving conversations. What’s more, a teen’s world is filled with peer dynamics that can lead to poor decisions about when to wear hearing aids. An Oticon survey among audiologists showed that getting teens to constantly wear their hearing aids ranks as their number one challenge.*

But what if there was a hearing aid that teens actually want to wear, because it delivers what they need to thrive in everyday situations?

* Internal study involving 94 audiologists, December 2016.

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Discover Oticon Opn for teens

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    A complete classroom and parent FM system

  • boy reading

    Connectivity for the touchscreen generation

  • child wearing hearing aid

    Ensure active children don’t lose their hearing aids


From mild to profound hearing loss with Sensei

The Oticon Sensei family offers one of the best hearing aids for kids with hearing loss ranging from mild to profound: from the discreet RITE 312 style to the most powerful BTE13 SP design.

Oticon Sensei Super Power hearing aids perform frequency composition using Speech Rescue™ technology, which enables audibility of high frequencies. Meanwhile, their Speech Guard E technology ensures adaptive compression that preserves the important speech details.

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Oticon Opn delivers what teenagers want

With its confidence-inspiring features, fast wireless connectivity, and discreet appearance, Oticon Opn are among the best hearing aids for teens, delivering the performance and capabilities they want:

  • Confidence to participate in conversation, because their hearing aids is fast and dynamic enough to keep up with their friends

  • Connectivity to their favourite devices via Bluetooth – Oticon Opn hearing aids make talking on the phone, listening to Spotify®, or surfing YouTube® effortless

  • Discretion thanks to its small size and variety of skin/hair colours

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