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Hearing aids and wireless connectivity for children

In the field of paediatrics, Oticon’s People First philosophy reflects an ongoing commitment to providing exceptional hearing solutions for children of all ages – plus time-saving tools for professionals.

One high performance solution

Oticon Sensei is a familiy of hearing aids designed specifically for children with hearing loss. Delivering high performance speech understanding even in complex environments, Sensei offers impressive flexibility through its ability to adapt to the specific daily situational needs of every child with hearing loss. It comprises unique paediatric features to address the practicalities of childhood.

Sensei SP adds a new, unique approach using Speech Rescue to perform frequency composition to ensure audibility of high frequencies, with Speech Guard E’s adaptive compression to preserve the important speech details.

The Sensei family offers solutions in the range from mild to profound hearing losses: from the discrete RITE 312 style to the most powerful BTE13 SP design.


High performance hearing solutions for teens – inspired by dreams

Few of us pass through the teen years unscathed, but imagine how those years must be for teenagers with hearing loss at a time when being accepted means everything. Fitting in depends on having all you need to participate and communicate freely in the world. That’s all the more difficult for teens with hearing loss.

But what if there was a way to make participating in class easier? What if video chatting with friends, enjoying music, listening and communicating in class or talking with a friend in a noisy café were possibilities? What if one suite of tools allowed them to do all those things most of us take for granted?

Empower teens to be who they want to be

During the teen years, our ability to communicate effectively, socialise and process new information means the difference between getting by and being able to fulfil our potential.This is why it is essential that we support teens with hearing loss in their educational and social needs so that they may progress to become happy, self-reliant adults who take ownership of their hearing loss.

A teen’s life is about multitasking in social situations or in the classroom. They must navigate these comprise complex listening environments and make sense of the sounds around them in order to concentrate on what is important.

Such concentration can require high levels of listening effort, and may cause them to experience fatigue. The cumulative affect of this fatigue can impact on their ability to keep up in class and also affect their participation in social activities.

Teenage auditory systems are still developing

In the teen brain the functional organisation of nerve cells and their connections continues. The integration of auditory and visual sensory input is not yet optimised, which is essential for effective communication, classroom performance and socialising. For teens with hearing loss, the challenges can be more profound.

Oticon aims to maximise resources for greater performance and satisfaction

At Oticon, our long term intent is to develop high performance solutions that take fatigue out of listening. Our aim is to free up the teen user’s mental energy to allow them to participate in the life they want to live.

We also recognise that desirable design plays a crucial role in getting teens to wear their devices all day in order to maximise benefits and satisfaction. Similarly, it is vital that they have the opportunity to connect to the same technology as their peers.

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