The BrainHearing™ aid for any user and any situation

With breakthrough features and a variety of styles, Oticon Opn™ is proven to deliver on the unique needs of a wide variety of users.


Old Henry

Henry Eksteen, Oticon Opn user


New Henry

Henry Eksteen, Oticon Opn user

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* Beck D.L., Porath M., Consumer Responses to the Oticon Opn Hearing Aid. Hearing Review. 2017;24(1):26.

Hearing care professionals are impressed

Roland Zweers, hearing care professional and Oticon Opn user

Henkjan Bosch, hearing care professional and Oticon Opn user


Proven to make it easier on the brain

Oticon Opn is proven to make it easier on the brain. By giving the brain access to a balanced soundscape, Oticon Opn supports the brain in the natural way it makes sense of sound to give users the freedom to choose who and what to listen to.

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