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Do you suspect you have hearing loss? Our online hearing test will give you an indication of how well you are hearing, using self-evaluation questions and a listening test.*
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  • Question #1
    Do you find that people around you mumble or speak low?
    Yes No
  • Question #2
    Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in larger gatherings or when there is background noise?
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  • Question #3
    Do you often miss conversations on the phone? Do you need to turn up the volume on the radio or TV?
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  • Question #4
    Do you often tell family and friends to repeat themselves?
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  • Question #5
    Do you need to look directly at people to understand what they are saying?
    Yes No
  • Question #6
    Have you noticed that everyday sounds, like birds, footsteps, your car blinker have disappeared?
    Yes No