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  • testimonials Shannon

    Shannon M. Conn

    "I was going to resign, and I had already turned in my paperwork”. Shannon, a committed ed teacher, already gave up on her passion to help children who need her. Thanks to Oticon Opn she can fully engage in her working and private life again

  • testimonials Kurt


    "I wish these hearing aids were out back when I was a kid”. Kurt, a lifeguard on the Gold coast, explains how Oticon Opn has given him a higher energy level and how he now finds it easier to interact with people.

  • testimonials Rona

    Rona Bromley

    ”My whole aural environment is so much richer than it had been before”. Rona, a very outgoing person, outlines that through Oticon Opn she can fully participate in social gatherings again.

  • testimonials Karen Underwood

    Karen Underwood

    “My only regret is I waited 10-15 years instead of getting it sooner.” Karen Underwood, a professional singer from Cork, describes how Oticon Opn has improved her quality of life and that it was one of the best decisions she made.

  • testimonials Robert Primes

    Robert Primes

    “Hearing is music to my ears”. Robert Primes, a retired cinematographer, points out how Oticon Opn gives him back the chance to enjoy life to the fullest extent again.

  • testimonials amanda

    Amanda C

    “They are so much clearer that it feels like I have a brand-new pair of ears on”. Amanda C., an 18-year-old student, explains how wearing Oticon Opn changed her confidence.