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"More relaxing in a larger group setting"

Name: Kayce Bramble
Employment: Doctor of Audiology
Office: ENT Office of Dr. Carolyn Agresti

Kayce explains how her patients benefit with better speech understanding by using Oticon Opn.

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“I was able to engage again”

Name: Barbara Abramowitz
Place: Delray Beach, Florida
Hearing aid: Oticon Opn

Barbara explains how Oticon Opn changed her ability to engage in conversations even in situations with background noise.

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"I can now eavesdrop down the table"

Name: Christopher N. Mammel
Place: Wellington, Florida
Hearing aid: Oticon Opn

Chris explains how Oticon Opn have made a remarkable change when he is dining in larger groups and is able to follow and engage in conversations.

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“I have less anxiety”

Name: Annette C. Quigley
Place: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Hearing aid: Oticon Opn

Hear how Oticon Opn has helped Annette better enjoy socialising.

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"It's bringing out my salesmanship again"

Name: Jane Starbuck
Place: Oro Valley, Arizona
Hearing aid: Oticon Opn

Hear how Oticon Opn made the first time user Jane really enjoy her vacation.

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“What I have been missing all the time”

Name: Anita Wilson
Place: Tamarac, Florida
Hearing aid: Oticon Opn

Hear how Oticon Opn makes the sound available and much more clear.

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