Oticon Opn™

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We make quality hearing aids for every kind of hearing loss

Oticon was the first hearing aid company to develop hearing instruments that support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound, using our revolutionary BrainHearing technology™

Types of hearing aids

Our hearing aids are all one of these two types. There are some that sit completely inside your ear, and others that sit behind the ear and send sound into your ear canal via a thin tube. They all come in a variety of colours to match your skin or hair tone.

Which type of hearing aid should I choose?

The type of hearing aid you can choose will depend on the degree of hearing loss you have,
the size of your ear canals, and your personal preferences.

  • bte-hero

    Behind-the-ear hearing aids

    • Discreet, but more visible

    • Fit everyone and all hearing loss types

    • Mild to severe hearing loss

    • Easy-to-use buttons

  • ite-hero

    In-the-ear hearing aids

    • Very discreet

    • 'Invisible' hearing aid models can't be seen

    • Can fit mild to severe hearing loss

    • Custom made to fit your ears

  • Oticon Alta2

    High-quality hearing aids that offer extensive opportunities for personalization to your preferences .

  • Oticon Nera2

    Mid-level hearing aids with superior sound quality and many options for personalisation

  • Oticon Ria2

    Essential solution with excellent sound quality and options for personalisation

  • Find a hearing centre

    A hearing care professional can test your hearing and devise a treatment that suits you.


Hear what people are saying about Oticon Opn

How does Oticon Opn improve everyday life for people with hearing loss?

See and hear about some of the ways Oticon Opn hearing aids have made a big difference for real people, in our series of video testimonials.

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Fit for any ear

In the ear or behind the ear? For mild, moderate to profound hearing loss? Discreet, matching your hair and skin tone or smart in your favourite colour? The choices are many. Mix and match our styles to create your preferred solution.

Style options


Oticon Dynamo

More Power. Less size.

Dynamo is the most sophisticated Super Power solution ever for severe to profound hearing loss. It offers not only extra power, but also clear, authentic sound quality.

Experience Dynamo

girl playing cello

Let your child hear the world

Our children are eager to communicate from the moment they are born. Oticon’s child-friendly hearing aids help your child to take part in all that life has to offer.

Sensei – advanced and individual support during school and play

Sensei SP – Super Power hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss


How many people might have ‘invisible’ hearing aids?

More than ever before

Oticon’s invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids sit far enough inside the ear canal that no one can notice them. But while almost half of all first-time users would prefer to have this type, IIC hearing aids have always been limited to a small percentage of people. Fortunately, our new miniaturized technology means twice as many people can now have hearing aids that no one will be able see, and which never get in the way.


Put them on and forget them

There are no switches or buttons to control on IIC hearing aids. They automatically adapt to changing environments, so you can forget all about them. And because we’ve reduced the size of the technical components in our IIC and CIC (completely-in-the-canal) hearing aids, they can fit in smaller ear canals than ever before. Now more people can enjoy the ultimate discreet look.


Tinnitus relieving technology

Oticon’s hearing aids can play a selection of relief sounds that help reduce the impact of tinnitus.

Adding background sounds such as white noise or ocean sounds to everyday life can reduce the impact of tinnitus. Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSupport™ technology offers a range of relief sounds that are customised to give the relief you need.

Read more about Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Oticon ConnectLine

For life’s many opportunities

Making phone calls, video chats, listening to music or watching TV. ConnectLine is one complete, integrated system connecting your hearing aids with different devices for communication and entertainment.

Learn more about ConnectLine

  • Tinnitus

    What is tinnitus, why do some get it and what can be done to relieve the symptoms

  • Brainhearing

    Your brain is the most important part of your hearing solution. See why

  • Core technologies

    Read about the technology inside our Oticon hearing aids.

  • Find a hearing centre

    A hearing care professional can test your hearing and devise a treatment that suits you.