Oticon Audio Explorers 2018

Oticon Audio Explorers 2018
19 March 2018

For the third year in a row, we are happy to announce that we are hosting yet another Audio Explorers Championship! The prize is a free trip to New York City for 25 lucky (and skilled!) engineering students.

What is Audio Explorers all about?

Audio Explorers starts with a competition. All participants will receive a true R&D brainteaser produced by some of our very best engineers, which they will have approx. 2 weeks to solve. Next, we will look at the solutions and pick the 25 lucky winners who will join us for a free study trip to New York City.

What is on the agenda in New York?

In New York, the 25 Audio Explorers winners and the Oticon Audio Explorers Team will examine the city’s sound levels, visit cool tech museums and learn about the development of advanced hearing solutions. We depart from Copenhagen on August 15 and return on August 20, 2018.

How do you participate?

To participate in the competition, you must first sign up before March 25. You sign up in groups (max. 4 people per group).

On March 26, we will send you 3 R&D challenges via e-mail. You pick for yourself which one you would like to work with. The challenges will have an electrical, software or mechanical engineering focus. All students, no matter how far you are in your education, can work with the challenges, as there is no single ‘right’ solution to any of them.

The solutions must be handed in on April 8 at the latest.

On April 17, we will notify all participants and announce the winners.

On June 1, the Audio Explorers winners will be invited for a Meet’N’Great day at the Oticon HQ in Smørum.

Sign up for the competition here!