Oticon launches new edition of the fabulous OPN hearing aid

Smørum, Denmark
4 May 2017

Due to intense work in Oticon’s R&D department, our engineers have succeeded in making the new OPN hearing aid even better. The OPN is still the only hearing aid on the market that connects directly to the internet opening new doors to unseen functions on the Internet Of Things. But now, we have taken it to an even higher level.

Due to a development of a new software tool, it is now possible to retrofit new features and change the performance level of the instrument.

If you for instance have an instrument from 2016, you can go to your dealer and have the firmware updated. Because of the retrofitting tool, the dealer now has the opportunity of customizing the hearing aid with the newest features. Oticon is one of the first companies to offer feature updates to older hearing aids.

Rechargeability and augmented reality
The improvements of the OPN hearing aids also comprises a rechargeable solution. The solution is based on a hybrid battery solution, meaning that it can either be recharged using a silver-zinc battery or be changed to a normal non-rechargeable zinc-air battery, if you do not have a charger nearby. 

Another interesting thing is an augmented reality feature. Through a smartphone, the user is now able to access a scenario where he/she can move and change the sound sources. This means that it is possible to move around and change where the sound sources come from, just like in the real world. It is therefore more interactive, as you define the sound picture yourself. 

We are very proud to present the next level of the OPN hearing aid and hope that it will help hearing impaired people from all over the world live their lives to the max.