At Oticon, personal and professional development is essential to our continuous production of quality solutions, both now and in the future. For us, development is the fruit of teamwork, and our organisational structure and physical environment support this way of working.

The majority of development arises from collaboration between competent colleagues who deal with exciting and challenging tasks each and every day. We work in an open office environment that encourages free and constructive dialogue around problems and challenges. This demands respect for other people's areas of expertise – but it is also professionally enriching.

Benefits at Oticon

Working at Oticon you can look forward to a large array of different benefits making your working day convenient, healthy and fun.

Watch the video below to learn how our Core Deliveries Team are continuously working to create the best frame for achieving superior goals.

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Open dialogue

At Oticon, we believe that an open and constructive dialogue is very important. Being in contact with management on a daily basis is one of the cornerstones of good personal and professional development. Such close managerial contact ensures that you reinforce your personal interests and ambitions in line with our business requirements. We believe that it is important to maintain a running dialogue in pace with current needs and desires.

In addition to the daily contact, we hold employee development interviews once a year. This structured, well-prepared dialogue covers the professional, social and personal aspects of your work. The employee development interview requires much of both the manager and the employee. It entails a review of the year that has passed, putting the job in perspective and making plans for the future.

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