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At Oticon, we acknowledge that hearing is truly a matter of working with the brain. Therefore, we have focused our audiological developments on how the brain processes sound. We think brain first. This blog allows you to follow the latest news from our audiologists and other experts and stay up to date with the greatest paradigm shift in hearing care.

  • New approach to speech intelligibility testing

    New approach to speech intelligibility testing

    30. August 2017

    On the basis of recent studies, it is suggested that in order to test the eventual benefits of signal processing interventions in an ecologically valid listening situation, testing should be done within the SNR range of +5-15 dB.

  • BrainHearing: Attending to competing voices

    BrainHearing: Attending to competing voices

    5. August 2017

    This study's preliminary results demonstrate that the brain, even with age and impaired hearing, is still able to complete the task of attending to competing voices.

  • My hearing loss, my ears and my brain

    My hearing loss, my ears and my brain

    10. July 2017

    Are people with hearing loss aware of the interplay between hearing loss, ears, and brain? Should hearing care professionals explain the role of cognition to their patients?

  • BrainHearing: Reverberant listening conditions

    Speech recognition in reverberant settings is challenging for people with hearing loss

    22. June 2017

    This study shows that while understanding the acoustics is important, it is not enough – we need to understand the individual listener, from auditory periphery to the brain, in order to identify the challenges and invent solutions.

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